Mobility Scooter Fuel Cell System

Mobility Scooter Fuel Cell System
Model : Mobility Scooter Power Module

APFCT provides a highly cooperative fuel cell system development approach supported by a professional and experienced engineering team who are dedicated to light vehicle applications.
We are seeking collaboration with light vehicle manufacturers – golf carts, tourist carts and mobility scooters for the elderly and disabled – who are interested in developing commercial fuel cell vehicles.
APFCT will work closely with our partners to achieve:

  1. Optimal design of the fuel cell power solution integrated with low pressure hydrogen canisters for partner specific applications
  2. Integration of the fuel cell system into the application vehicle
  3. Build-up of prototypes and testing under lab and real life conditions
  4. When moving on to mass production of fuel cell application, APFCT will offer the fuel cell system exclusively to our partners or a technology licensing program based on our partners’ specific requests.

We believe that partnering with ambitious light vehicle manufacturers will accelerate the mass production and deployment of fuel cell light vehicles into the commercial market. Please contact us for full information.