Hydrogen Canister

Hydrogen Canister
Model : HSC-500-L

The deployment of the fuel cell light vehicles and their complementary hydrogen infrastructure is a classic “chicken and egg” situation. Infrastructure investment and introduction timescales for high pressure systems are huge – for this reason APFCT offer our signature low pressure hydrogen solution with dedicated storage and electrolyser hydrogen generation. A high pressure hydrogen refuelling station is not required; users simply exchange metal hydride canisters storing the hydrogen to refuel. It’s a safe, convenient and practical way to distribute hydrogen, especially for light vehicles. Click here for more information about our Low Pressure Hydrogen Infrastructure system.

We seek to partner with gas companies and equipment manufacturers to deploy our Low Pressure Hydrogen Infrastructure. APFCT challenges you to think outside the box! – contact us for full information.

Product Specification

Material of CanisterAlumium
Size76 mm (diameter), 365 mm (length)
Type of Metal HydrideAB5 Alloy
Weight4.5 kgs