Scooter Fuel Cell System

Scooter Fuel Cell System
Model : Scooter Power Module

In 2000, APFCT launched and display the first fuel cell scooter in Fuel Cell Seminar. Until now, we remain the same passion toward two-wheel personal transportation. We are determined to introduce affordable and practical fuel cell vehicle to market. Only when majority of people have access to fuel cell vehicle, such technology and product could truly make a great contribution to environment: reduction of carbon emission & PM2.5.

In 2012-2013, we held the world largest demonstration in Kenting, Taiwan to social validate technology and commercial viability under real life condition. Tourists were permitted to test ride scooters for free. When they ran out of hydrogen all they needed to do was to take the empty canisters to convenience store, repair shop or police station for exchange. (Please check  page 37 of 2013 Fuel Cell Technologies Market Report for more information).

APFCT is seeking collaboration with scooter manufacturers to realize the last mile – commercialization of fuel cell scooter. We provides a highly cooperative fuel cell system development approach supported by our professional and experienced engineering team. Please refer to our business proposal.

Product Specification

Scooter Performance *
Maximum Speed>45km/hr
Gradeability (θ)12°@20 kpm
Range50km@city mode / 86km@30kph
Main Source of Power
Type of fuel cellPEM
Rated Voltage24V
Rated power1800 W
Operating Voltage22-33V
Operating temperature5-55℃
CoolantWater Cool System
Type of fuelHydrogen
Hydrogen purity>99.99%
Type of secondary batteryLithium Battery