Water-cooled Fuel Cell Stack

Water-cooled Fuel Cell Stack
Model : DuraPEM W240
  • Patented design in thermal and water management for stable operations under dynamic loadings
  • Designed for automated production
  • The best materials available from leading suppliers
  • 3,500 hours of durability testing both on test stands and in light vehicle application under real-life environment
  • Professional technology supports

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Product Specification

TypePEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell stack
Durability / Lifetime TargetUp tp 3,500 hrs (dynamic load test)a
Rated Power (beginning of life)2.4kW
Rated Current100 Amps
Rated Voltage24 volts DC
Cell Efficiency (LHV)48%
L x W x H239*152*192 mm
Weight (dry)10.5kgs
Number of Cells40
Fuel CompositionHydrogen
Fuel Consumption (max continuous power)45 slpm (Stoic 1.6)
Fuel Pressure5 psi (0.35 bar)
Fuel Pressure Drop0.3 psi (0.021 bar)
Fuel Humidity≧RH 85%
Oxidant CompositionAir
Oxidant Pressure0.3 psi (0.021 bar)
Oxidant Pressure Drop0.3 psi (0.021 bar)
Oxidant Humidity≧ RH90%
CoolantDe-ionized Water
Optimal operation Temperature60°C
Maximum Coolant Pressure Drop4 psi ( 0.276 bar) @ 10LPM
Ambient Temperature (operating)-20°C ~ 60°C

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