Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies

Business Position

With more than more than thirty years of experience in mechanical engineering, APFCT’s first president and founder Dr Yang established a team of professional engineers to build up a solid foundation of core technology and intellectual property for APFCT :

► Design and mass production techniques for PEMFC (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell) stacks and systems. The main applications include two and four-wheeled light vehicles, i.e. scooters, mobility scooters, golf carts, mini cars, pallet trucks and static power generation.

► Design and mass production of low pressure metal hydride hydrogen storage canisters, hydrogen supply, refuelling systems and test equipment.

► APFCT® Technical Services and Consultation: fuel cell related product research, product development, product development consultation; engineering design services for efficient energy usage

Our current president, Mr Jeffrey Huang, continues this legacy. He leads our management team with more than 40 years of experience in the engineering industry as an entrepreneur. APFCT’s aim as a technology provider is to build strong and enduring partnerships with OEM manufacturers to bring our R&D expertise to the commercial market.

APFCT® Technical Services and Consultation also environment protection technical consulting or research in the nature of measuring environmental pollution; or mechanical and electrical engineering technical consulting.